Baby Center: My Pregnancy Today


The perfect application for pregnant women


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Baby Center: My Pregnancy Today is an app designed for pregnant women. With it, you can stay on top of everything you need to know about your pregnancy and soon-to-be baby.

The application includes daily information about your pregnancy, like bodily changes, what happens in the coming weeks, and, above all, how to adapt to this unique experience.

With Baby Center: My Pregnancy Today, you can also find interactive images of fetal development, so you can see how big the baby is each week.

Besides all this useful information, Baby Center: My Pregnancy Today also offers a list of daily goals so you can keep track of your achievements for a healthy pregnancy.

Also included in the app is a due date calendar with which you can find out when the baby will be born. There's a nutrition guide available, too, so you can control weight gain with tips and recipes for healthy eating.

Baby Center: My Pregnancy Today is a very interesting tool for pregnant women and a great resource that you can keep in your pocket for all the tips needed to have a good birth.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher